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Christmas Gathering

Date£º2013-12-30 14:41Views£º
On Christmas Eve (December 24th), the international students of Liaoning Medical University and some international students’ representatives from Liaoning University of Technology and Bohai University gathered in the library hall to celebrate Christmas, one of the most important festivals in the West. The Dean of the College of International Education, Prof. Paul Liang and the Vice Dean, Bettina Piao, also participated in this gathering.
     Nigerian student Antony expressed his sincere wishes and blessings on behalf of all the international students to the leaders, teachers and students. Prof. Liang addressed the students on behalf of all the teachers of our university and wished them a merry Christmas. Students from Namibia, Nigeria, India and Myanmar performed dances and songs. In this way, students, being away from home and their families, could still have a nice Christmas Eve.