In order to build an international and open university, LMU has established long-term cooperative relationship with famous universities and educational institutions in the US, UK, Russia, Australia, Spain, Japan, South Korea and many other countries. LMU has also conducted international exchanges in various forms, such as scholar exchange, student and teacher exchange, academic communication, etc.
    In recent years, LMU has introduced 7 foreign scholars as our visiting and part-time professors and 44 foreign experts to conduct academic exchange with our university. Meanwhile, LMU has also sent 86 teachers to pursue advanced studies abroad and 75 faculty members to participate in international academic conferences, broadening the international vision of the teachers while improving their English communication and teaching ability.
    In the past two years, LMU has received 92 foreign delegations and visited 22 countries and regions. We have successfully held the “first Ghana medical student international conference”, received the National Medical Commission Delegation from Nepal and the delegation of the Ministry of Education of Namibia, and obtained the certification for student enrollment of two countries.
    LMU has established cooperative relationship with Northumbria University(UK), Benedictine University(US), the NPO organization of Japan and Stevens Henager College(US) in terms of nursing, food science and nutrition, public health management, animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, etc., providing our students with excellent teaching resources, thus to explore new ways for them to study abroad and enhance their competitiveness.
    We have established cooperative relationship with the NPO organization in Japan, through which, our students majoring in nursing will go study or work in Japan. We have also provided two sessions of Japanese training courses which have laid a solid language foundation for students who will study or work in Japan. The exchange program with the Northumbria University in the UK has provided our students with a new path to study abroad.
    The two students who went to the Northumbria University for the food engineering major in 2011 have finished their one-year study. The cooperative relationship with Benedictine University is still in operation. In 2012, we held 5 illustration meetings about student enrollment among which 3 were for the NPO organization in Japan and 2 were for the Northumbria University in the UK.
    In 2013, Mark, a foreign language teacher in LMU, won the “Liaoning Friendship Award of 2013”. We have further improved the existing cooperative relationship with the NPO organization in Japan, the Northumbria University, etc. Meanwhile, we also held several rounds of discussions with the San Pablo Foundation(Spain) and other organizations to explore potential education programs.