Entry Requirement

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Entry Requirements:
Ø  18 to 30 years old
Ø  Healthy &.No criminal record
Ø  High school graduate in science(Grade 12)
Ø  Mathematics & Physics & Chemistry£º
1. IGCSE: Level C
2. Pass the entrance examination
3. No IGCSE: Mathematics & Physics & Chemistry ≥ 70%
Ø  Non-native English speakers choosing to study in English medium should reach ONE of the following requirements:
1. IGCSE: Level C
2. IELTS: 6.0
3. Pass online English interview: SKYPE ID:vivianlmu
Ø  Applicants choosing to study in Chinese medium should learn Chinese language at LMU, passing HSK Level 4 or above (Level 5 preferable) before learning the specialty.
Ø  All entry requirements are decided by LMU.