Fee Structure for MBBS£¨Chinese Medium£©

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Fee Structure for MBBS(Chinese medium)- 2015 Autumn 
ITEMS 1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4th year 5th year 6th year
1. APPLICATION FEE* RMB800 -- -- -- -- --
2. TUITION FEE* RMB18000 RMB18000 RMB18000 RMB18000 RMB18000 RMB18000
(double room)
RMB5000 RMB5000 RMB5000 RMB5000 RMB5000 RMB5000
4. BEDDING FEE* RMB 500 -- -- -- -- --
5. DORMITORY DEPOSIT* RMB400 -- -- -- -- --
6. LAB COAT* RMB840 RMB840 RMB840 RMB840 RMB840 RMB840
7. LIBRARY CARD* RMB600 RMB600 RMB600 RMB600 RMB600 RMB600
8. STUDENT CARD* RMB800 RMB800 RMB800 RMB800 RMB800 RMB800
10. MEDICAL EXAMINATION RMB10 -- -- -- -- --
11. BOOK FEE RMB 10 -- -- -- -- --
-- -- -- -- --
TOTAL RMB27480 RMB25240 RMB25240 RMB25240 RMB25240 RMB25240
*REMARK 1: For first-year students, items marked with an asterix (*), i.e. items 1-8, have to be paid for before arrival by means of bank transfer to the university account. Other items without an asterix (*), i.e. items 9-12, have to be paid for in cash (RMB) after arrival to the university. 
a.  Accommodation fee ranges from 3000rmb to 5000rmb, not all domitory rooms have the same facilities; the arrangement of dormitory rooms shoule be according to the registration sequence of students.
b.  All the payment would be nonrefundable after 7 days after students’ registration.
c.  There will be other items should be paid by students not listed in the table above . Agent should show the full fee structure to students and give students fully explanation of university payment requirements.
d.  Students will pay for usage of electricity& water and access to internet by themselves.
REMARK 3: The university is providing an annual scholarship of 2500RMB for all students who comply with the following conditions during their studies:
a.  Having abided by the university regulations and Chinese laws throughout the whole academic year;
b.  Having a final score of 60% or more after the first examination round;
c.  Not having been on academic leave;
d.  Not having been absent from classes for 5 or more times during one semester without a valid reason.