Entry requirement and documents needed

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Admission Requirement:  Above 16 years old, no criminal record and healthy

Documents needed:
1.    Fill out the application form on computer and save it in the format “.jpg” 
2.    Fill out the resume on computer and save it in the format “Word.doc”.
Please write out the month and year of your entering into and graduating from your secondary high school or universities, etc. and the names of the institutions.
3.       Scan the pages of your passport that show your entering/exiting other countries or if you have never been to any other countries, please copy the first 7 pages of your passport to prove that you have never been to any other countries.
4.       Scan the highest school graduation certificate.
5.       Nigerian applicants should provide parents' or sponsor’s financial guarantee letter and bank savings deposit of the minimum amount RMB 50,000 ,deposit period at least 3 months.
Deadline of Application: 15 February or 15 August
Commencement Date:   March or September.
Classes can be started at any time for the group of 10 students or more.