Celebration of the 52nd Anniversary of the African Union

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    On the evening of May 25th 2015, more than 300 international students dressed in their national costumes, and the entire staff of the College of International Education celebrated the 52nd anniversary of the founding of the African Union in the university’s auditorium.
    The African Union was established for the purpose of integrating politics, economy and the military of 54 African countries. The African Union’s main focus is to maintain and promote peace and stability in the African continent. The Union also pays attention to reform, poverty reduction strategies and implementation planning, which are all important factors in the development process and rejuvenation of Africa.
    At the beginning of the celebration the Dean of CIE delivered a speech. First he expressed his best wishes to the African Union and welcomed all the African students. In addition, he pointed out that China has a long friendship with Africa and that we should all cherish this precious friendship. He also announced that our university has obtained the Chinese Government Scholarship and encouraged the international students to study hard in order to be able to enjoy awards from our university and the Chinese government. After the speech, African students introduced several major African countries and their political, economic and cultural characteristics. The students treated the audience on a wide array of African fashion, ethnic dances and songs. The atmosphere was festive for the whole evening and everybody enjoyed the celebration.
    At present, there are more than 300 African students at the College of International Education, enrolled in the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery program, including students from Namibia, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, etc. Their goal is to make outstanding contributions to the medical sector in their respective countries after graduation and to uphold the strong friendship ties between their country and China during their studies at our university.