Football Match of CIE

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At 4 p.m. on May10, 2015, two football teams from CIE of Liaoning Medical University, Nigeria and Zambia made it to the finals of L.M.U international tournament which took place at L.M.U soccer pitch. After 90 minutes of a hotly contested match, the Eagles of Nigeria had defeated the former champions, Zambia,  with a 3-2 victory.                          
During the competition, the football fans supported their teams keeping the atmosphere lively and charged with enthusiasm . During the first half of the match, the Zambian team showed absolute advantage in defense and offense leaving the Nigerian team in a tough situation. The Nigerian team came back strong during the second half tactically, defensively and offensively and finally won the match with a well earned 3-2 victory.
The competition not only has enriched extracurricular life for the students, but also given more opportunities for students to make and strengthen their friendship.