The university insists the school orientation of international and open type, establishes the long-term and stable co-operation relationship with US, UK, Russia, Australia, Spain, Japan, Korea and famous university and educational institute, carries out experts academic exchange , exchanges students practice, cooperates scientific research.
In recent two years, university has invited 7 foreign experts as visiting and part time professor and 44 ones to academic communication.
The university dispatched 86 person-time to go abroad for further study, 75 person-time for international conference, expanded the teachers’ international vision, strengthened the teachers’ ability of English communication and teaching.
In recent two years, university totally received 92 inviting delegations, invited 22 countries and regions, undertook “First Garner Medical Conference of International Students”, received the visiting delegation of Nepalthe committee of the state medical and Namibia ministry of education, won the authentication of these two countries.
In recent two years, we cooperated with UK Northumbria University, US Benedit University, Japan NPO international medical talents incubation mechanism, nursing, food science and nutrition, public health management, animal husbandry and veterinary medicine and other majors of The United States Stevens Hanna University. That gave our students more good international teaching resources, opened up new way of going abroad for further study, improved the competitive power of working.
The university cooperated with Japan NPO on nursing major student gonging to Japan for study after graduation, opened the second Japanese training, laid the groundwork for the graduates. We continued carried out the”3+1+1” communicative project with the major of food engineering and nursing in UK NorthumbriaUniversity.
2011, two students finished the courses in UK Northumbria University food engineering major and graduated this year. We kept cooperative relationship with AmericanBeneditUniversity. 2012, we hold 5 explanation sessions.