HSK(Chinese Proficiency Test) Internet Based Test

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HSK Internet Based Test is approved by Hanban (Confucius Institute Headquarters) for teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Being an Internet Based Test, it is technologically one step up from a written test. The entire online test includes listening, writing£¬oral and other segments. The test is set up to submit all of the above electronically without even using one piece of paper.
Three advantages about the HSK Internet Based Test
·Plenty of time to enroll
a)       The preparation time for the test is shortened. Thanks to the web system, there is no need for paper painting and mail delivery. So the enrollment deadline is pushed ahead to ten days before the test. The web system strives to offer convenience for the test takers’ enrollment.
·More clearly by independent audio sections
b)      The test takers can listen to the listening part of the test individually without being distracted by background noises that one otherwise might encounter at other testing centers.
·More efficient by using keyboard
c) Due to the fact that test takers usually type Chinese using the keyboard, by taking the entire HSK Internet Based Test just by using one’s computer, the test taker’s skills can be clearly and concisely evaluated.
Mock Tests
      The online practice test system is provided to assist students to take the HSK, YCT, BCT online tests. The practice test system includes online sample test outlines, official examination papers, helping students familiarize themselves with different level of tests, familiarizing students as online users and the procedures of online users and the procedures of online operation. Students can take practice tests to test their Chinese level and identify their weak areas and improve them. The system will evaluate the students’ level, a score and correct answers.